Maintaining Good Health Even When You're Busy

  • Afraid Your Teen Is Depressed? What To Watch Out For

    3 December 2017

    When you are the parent of a teenager, you may find yourself constantly worried about their health and well-being. And if your child is acting particularly moody or melancholic, you may find yourself worried that your child is suffering from depression rather than just the typical teenage moodiness that most young adults struggle with. Get to know some of the signs and symptoms of depression to watch out for with your teen so you can be sure you are doing everything possible to help them with their struggles.

  • 3 Things You Need To Know About A Facelift

    10 November 2017

    There are many men and women who are looking for an option to make their skin look younger and healthier. You can choose from a variety of different options, including a full facelift, a mini lift, or even just a lift of the cheeks. The important thing is to prepare yourself before you get the surgery. Here are some things you should know about getting a facelift: 1. Be Realistic About The End Result

  • Are You A Senior At Risk Of Falling?

    26 October 2017

    Seniors are most at risk of suffering a serious fall. As a senior, protecting yourself from a fall means learning more about what could cause a fall and taking preventative action. To help get you started, here is what you need to know. What Causes a Fall? There are several factors that can lead to an increased risk of falling as you age. One potential factor is your physical fitness levels.

  • Your Previously-Injured Elbow Hurts? You Could Possibly Have Post-Traumatic Arthritis

    7 October 2017

    If your previously injured elbow hurts or aches after many years of feeling alright, you might have post-traumatic arthritis. Post-traumatic arthritis is a wear and tear disorder that affects the joints in your body. Sometimes injuries can develop arthritis if you overuse, re-injure, or aggravate them. Learn more about post-traumatic arthritis and how it affects your previously injured elbow below: How Can Post-Traumatic Arthritis Develop in Your Elbow? If you're like many people, you associate arthritis with older individuals.

  • Two Ways Testosterone Therapy Can Benefit Women

    17 September 2017

    Most people think testosterone therapy is only for men, because this hormone is more prevalent in males and necessary for their growth and development. However, women may also gain some benefits from undergoing this hormone treatment. Here are two health issues testosterone therapy may be helpful in remedying. Improve Sex Drive Sexual dysfunction affects 43 percent of women, and low libido is one of the most common issues they struggle with.

  • I Feel It In My Gut: 4 Steps You Can Take To Improve Your Gut Health

    24 August 2017

    You do everything you can to keep yourself healthy. You watch your weight, and you get plenty of exercise. Unfortunately, with all that effort, you might still be forgetting one vital area of your body; your gut. You see, without proper care, your gut can get sick. Once your gut gets sick, you can experience side effects such as bloating, diarrhea, constipation, and abdominal cramping. Luckily, there are some lifestyle changes you can make that will get your gut feeling better again.

  • Is Your Child Heading To High School? How To Help Them Avoid Staph Infection In The Locker Room

    20 August 2017

    If your kids are going to be heading off to high school, and they'll be dressing out for gym class, it's important that you talk to them about staph infections. Staph infections are a serious health concern, especially when it comes to the locker room atmosphere. Here are some safety precautions your kids can take to prevent staph infections while in school. Keep Their Hands Clean When it comes to the locker room, the most important rule your kids can remember is that they should keep their hands clean.