Maintaining Good Health Even When You're Busy

Why Group Exercise Can Be A Better Way For You To Get Fit

by Caitlin Obara

If you want to get into better physical shape but dread going to the gym, you can take part in group exercise classes that can make getting fit more fun. An instructor will guide you and the other participants through a series of exercises that can range from easy to more difficult in intensity. Here are a few specific reasons why group exercise may help you get on a better path toward a fitter you.

Easier to Follow the Exercises

The instructor will demonstrate how each exercise is supposed to be performed and can continue doing the exercises along with the group so that everyone will be able to follow along while they work out. You can also look around and watch other people in the class doing the exercises so that you'll know whether you're doing the workouts correctly. If you have questions or any problems doing a particular exercise, you'll have more people to turn to for guidance if you take part in group exercise classes rather than doing your workouts on your own.

Less Self-Consciousness 

One of the biggest struggles that many people face when going to a gym is a feeling of self-consciousness. If you're worried about people staring at you or singling you out, exercising in a group setting can help you blend in better with the crowd. You can also take comfort in knowing that you'll be exercising side by side with other people who may have the same fitness goals and personal obstacles as you when you choose to sign up for a group class.

New Socializing and Friendship Opportunities

Many people who do their workouts in group exercise classes feel a sense of community with the other participants. Most group exercise classes feature energizing music that participants listen to when they're working out to give them more motivation and energy to push through the tough physical drills, and this can make each fitness session more fun. Working out can feel more like a party than a boring routine when you're breaking a sweat and moving to the music with other participants. Plus, you'll have the opportunity to get to know other participants on a personal level and perhaps make some good long-term friends.

Group exercise may hold the key to a fitter lifestyle that you'll want to maintain for the long run. You likely won't regret your decision to enroll in a group exercise class once you've experienced the benefits and joys these classes provide.