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Why Get Hormone Replacement Therapy?

by Caitlin Obara

Men lose testosterone as they age, and while this may be a completely natural thing to have happen, it doesn't mean you have to be comfortable with it happening to you. Luckily, there is therapy for this type of thing, called testosterone replacement therapy. This therapy is given to you in many forms: you can get this type of hormone replacement in injection, pills, and even a deodorant or cream.

Your doctor will give you an exam to see if this type of treatment is ultimately best for you. In some cases, too much testosterone can be given, which can have negative results and cause potential health issues that you don't want. For this reason, you should only do testosterone replacement therapy under the strict guidance of your doctor. Should you get hormone replacement therapy done? Here are reasons why you should.

You get more energy

Testosterone is a natural hormone in your body that can help aide in your physical and sexual energy. If you feel like you are lacking in both physical and sexual energy or intimacy, have your hormone levels checked to see if low testosterone may be partly to blame for your issues. You may also have a problem with blood sugar, weight, and other conditions, so have your testosterone checked in addition to other things. The right hormone therapy given in the correct dosages — you might have to change your dosage on the regular until you get one that works — will help you feel better and have more energy.

You feel more balanced

When your testosterone levels drop dramatically or prematurely, you can feel off in many ways. You may begin to feel sluggish or depressed, or lose muscle mass while gaining weight. While some of these issues are not medically alarming, some of them might be, and you should have your hormone levels checked along with getting a routine exam and possibly blood work done to see what's happening to your body. Testosterone replacement can help to restore the levels of hormones your body is used to, but you should also have your body checked out to see what is causing your hormone levels to drop so alarmingly in the first place.

Only your doctor should prescribe you any type of treatment for your testosterone problem. Do not try to treat your hormone issues at home or do hormone replacement treatments outside your doctor's orders. You will be given a treatment regimen that will work best for your needs by your qualified physician.