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The Symptoms Of ADHD May Be Different Than You Think

by Caitlin Obara

As an adult, you may not think about whether you have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD. If it wasn't diagnosed as a child, it can be difficult to get a diagnosis as an adult, since the symptoms can sometimes be vague and have an impact on a lot of different parts of life. Here are some of the more unusual symptoms of ADHD that you might not have caught before. 

Difficulty Concentrating

If you're having trouble with focusing as an adult, you may just chalk it up to getting older and not having as much mental energy as you used to. Some people attempt to self-medicate by drinking lots of coffee. But the truth is that your difficulty with concentrating may be a symptom of ADHD that has yet to be diagnosed. 

Difficulty with Office Work

As an adult, one sign of ADHD is if you truly can't stand to be in the office. Of course, a lot of people complain about their jobs. But if you literally have a difficult time staying at your desk for the entire day, this is a sign of the "hyperactivity" aspect of ADHD.


Boredom is another one of those tricky symptoms that can have many causes. It could be due to depression, or it could just be a natural phase of your life. But boredom is a symptom of ADHD when the boredom is carried to every new activity that you start. For instance, you might see a slew of projects that you enthusiastically started and didn't finish. Or you might see signs of boredom on the level of a single day, if you feel the need to jump from activity to activity and you quickly get bored after the initial parts of arriving at the next scheduled activity. 

Visiting a Doctor About ADHD

If these symptoms resonate with you, there are many benefits of visiting an ADHD doctor to rule out this illness as the cause of your symptoms. There are a few things that you can do with an ADHD diagnosis. First of all, it can provide some peace of mind. If you've had some mental, physical or behavioral quirks that you feel set you apart from others, it can be isolating; having a diagnosis of ADHD can help you understand yourself better, accept your differences, and find new ways to direct your energy and focus. Medication is also an option, as are lifestyle interventions such as exercise programs.