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What to Do About Large Pores

by Caitlin Obara

People with large pores have to struggle with a number of issues, including rough-looking complexions and oil buildup. Those people with small pores have won a sort of skin lottery at birth, for which you should not resent them. However, if your pores look like small saucers, you need to seek some dermatologic help.

Pore Purpose

Although you may wish that you had no pores, they actually serve a necessary purpose. These "holes" allow both hair and skin oil to reach the surface. Some people just naturally have bigger pores, in part because their body hair is thicker. Also, your pores can be enlarged by sun damage and simple aging. Unfortunately for those with big pores, the standard of beauty in the United States calls for the smooth-looking skin that smaller pores provide. Large pores have an unpleasant tendency to become blocked with oil and dirt, leading to actual pimples or blackheads, also know as open comedones. You can use certain treatments to make your pores look smaller, but you cannot actually reduce the size of your pores. 


If all your DIY facial care efforts such as proper cleansing and exfoliating fail, you should turn to your dermatologist for answers. You can undergo a few different procedures that can smooth your skin by minimizing the look of your pores. A chemical peel uses various substances to strip the old layers of skin off of your face so the fresh-looking skin beneath is revealed. It's a little like stripping the finish off of a valued piece of furniture to find the natural wood beneath. 

You may prefer to try laser resurfacing or an "IPL photofacial." The latter uses pulsing light beams that "tighten" your pores and even out your complexion. Remember, you cannot permanently reduce the size of your pores, but you can routinely have treatments that make them look smaller. Smaller-looking pores mean your face looks younger and more attractive. As a result, you should feel more confident about your appearance.

Even if you find your pores unattractive, you need to realize that they are necessary for your well-being. People with oily skin tend to have larger pores, which can cause a number of skin difficulties. On the other hand, having oily skin may help you to postpone wrinkles. Treating large pores effectively may mean that you need assistance from your dermatologist. They can help you with your skin renewal in a number of different ways.