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Effective Home Remedies For Varicose Veins

by Caitlin Obara

Having the opportunity to wear shorts, skirts, and bathing suits is one reason that many women look forward to the summer months. Unfortunately, summer can be an uncomfortable time for women who suffer from varicose veins. These unsightly blemishes can cause women to feel self-conscious when exposing their legs in public.

If you are looking for some simple solutions that might help you get rid of your varicose veins, here are three effective home remedies to try.

1. Take a horse chestnut supplement.

Supplementing your diet with horse chestnut can be a great way to get rid of your varicose veins. This supplement works by strengthening the interior lining of vein walls. Since varicose veins become noticeable as fluid leaks through weak vein walls, strengthening these walls can be a good way to eliminate varicose veins in the future.

Try looking at your local health store to locate a quality horse chestnut supplement to help you manage your varicose veins in the future.

2. Eat a diet rich in flavonoids.

Improving the overall health of your vascular system can be a simple way to help you get rid of existing varicose veins and prevent new ones from appearing. Foods that are rich in the flavonoids proanthocyanidins and anthocyanidins can work to strengthen your vascular system by improving blood flow and strengthening vein walls.

Incorporating flavonoid-rich foods like blueberries, buckwheat, cherries, and grape seed oil can be an easy way for you to manage your varicose veins from home.

3. Apply some witch hazel.

If you have a bottle of witch hazel in your medicine cabinet, then you already have a powerful home remedy for varicose veins available to you. Witch hazel contains tannins that have powerful astringent properties.

This means that when you apply a washcloth soaked in witch hazel to your varicose veins, these tannins work to tighten veins that have become distended which reduces their raised appearance. Witch hazel is also an anti-inflammatory aid, which can help reduce the uncomfortable burning or numbing sensations that often accompany varicose veins.

Finding simple ways to manage your varicose veins at home will allow you to feel more confident exposing your bare legs during the warm summer months. Invest in some horse chestnut supplements, add foods rich in flavonoids to your diet, and use witch hazel to soothe your varicose veins, and you will be on your way to eliminating the unsightly appearance of these veins in the near future.