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Alternatives To Home Teeth Whitening

by Caitlin Obara

Home whitening kits are a popular option for dealing with stained or discolored teeth. Unfortunately, they don't always work for everyone. In some cases, they can even lead to increased tooth sensitivity. If you've experienced something like this but still want to improve the appearance of your teeth, talk with a cosmetic dentist today about your options. He or she can help you find a more effective option. Here are a few things you can consider.

Professional Whitening

A professional whitening treatment can help to brighten the appearance of your teeth and eliminate many of the surface stains that dull and discolor them. Professional treatments typically use different products than those used in the home-use whitening kits, so you may have better results without the same side effects.

Usually applied during an outpatient treatment in the office, a commercial whitening product is often the quickest and easiest option for dealing with yellowing that's moderate. If your teeth are overly yellow or heavily stained, you may need to consider a more extensive option to improve their appearance.

Applying Crowns

If the commercial whitening products don't get the job done or your dentist finds that your enamel is too thin or badly stained for whitening products, he or she may suggest that you invest in crowns instead. Just like those used after a root canal, a cosmetic crown is placed over your tooth to cover the entire surface. They are considered to be a long-term repair, and you can have them created in any shade that suits your needs. Crowns are typically easy to apply and are just secured in place with dental cement.

Attaching Veneers

Instead of crowns, your dentist may suggest that you have veneers placed on your teeth. A veneer only covers the front surface of the tooth, not the entire thing, but is also secured with a heavy-duty cement product. When placing veneers on your teeth, your dentist will have to file away some of the front enamel from the tooth to make space for the thin veneer. This is usually the recommended treatment if your teeth are badly discolored but have strong, sufficient enamel to allow for the application.

Don't let trouble with those home whitening kits convince you that there's no way to improve the appearance of your smile. With these tips, you can see that there are other options available. Talk with your cosmetic dentist today to see what options might be best for you. For more information, check out websites like