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What Are The Different Types Of Reclining Lift Chairs?

by Caitlin Obara

For those who have problems with mobility getting up and down from a seated position is often difficult. However, a reclining lift chair can often resolve this problem. These chairs lift and move forward so that one can easily change from a sitting to a standing position or vice versa. They are powered by an electric motor that can be activated to lift by a handheld remote that is attached to the chair. These are some of the different types of reclining lift chairs that are available on the market today. 

Two-Position Reclining Lift Chairs 

A two-position lift chair reclines at an angle in the back and has a footrest that raises as the chair reclines. This type of chair is ideal for sitting and reading, watching television or using a laptop computer. A two position reclining lift chair is similar to a two position standard recliner, but also has a lifting feature so the sitter can move from sitting to standing with ease.

Three-Position Reclining Lift Chairs 

Three-position reclining lift chairs are designed much like the two position reclining lift chair, except that they have a third position. This includes the upright non-reclining position, slightly angled reclining position with a built-in footrest and another reclining position in which the backrest goes further back at a more obtuse angle with the footrest out for relaxing the legs.

This type of chair also lifts forward so that rising from a sitting to a standing position and back is effortless. Three-position reclining lift chairs lie back enough that they are perfectly comfortable for napping. Some of these chairs also have a built-in massage or heat feature that makes them very suitable for those with chronic pain.

Infinite Position Reclining Lift Chairs 

Infinite position reclining lift chairs provide the ultimate in comfort and convenience for those with mobility problems. These chairs have the same reclining features of a two-position and three-position reclining lift chair and can also lay completely flat so that one can sleep in the chair comfortably if desired.

Infinite position reclining lift chairs also have dual motors so that the backrest and the footrest can be moved independently to allow one more options of finding a comfortable position. This type of chair lifts up and forward so that standing up can be achieved from any position. Optional features of heat and massage are also available for infinite position reclining lift chairs.

If you have limited space, you also have the option of using a seated lift chair. This type of chair looks similar to a standard chair that might be found in a doctor's office or library. Seated lift chairs do not have a reclining backrest, but the seat lifts up and down to assist with rising and sitting. These chairs are ideal for those who do not have enough room for a reclining lift chair in their homes.

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