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Keep Your Cash (Sort Of): 4 Cool Gifts From The Tooth Fairy

by Caitlin Obara

Whether it is the first tooth that your child has lost or their 10th, it never gets old getting something from the tooth fairy. While cash is awesome, there are some other alternatives if you want to do something less obvious, yet just as exciting. Here are a few ideas:

1. For Your Little Girl: Girly Accessories

For your little girl, you may slip a cute bracelet or trendy necklace under her pillow for her to see in the morning. Children's accessories are super affordable and will place a smile on your little one's face as soon as she sees it. If you have some beads and wire or some rubber bands lying around, you can create a DIY accessory to make it even more affordable. Alternatively, if you have the items, you could slip them into a baggie so that you and your little one can make the accessory together the following morning.

2. For the First Tooth: Pillow to Remember

When it comes to firsts, you probably have photographs and all sorts of items that commemorate your little one's 'first' events. It shouldn't be any different when it comes to the first tooth that they lose. Locate a soft, fuzzy replacement for the tooth that was just lost. You can either make your own, search online or visit local stores. This is also a great idea for the child who loves collecting stuffed animals.

3. For Your Little Man: Build-a-Car Kits

Most boys love to build things. Consider purchasing a build-a-car crafting kit that comes with several pieces for your child to put together the morning after. These generally don't take a lot of time and aren't difficult because they are designed to be kid-friendly. However, it doesn't hurt to help him build it, if he wants your help, for some extra special bonding time.

4. For Anytime and Anyone: New Toothbrush and Related Items

New toothbrushes are needed every so often, so why not use your child's lost tooth as the perfect time to replace their old brush? While you could go plain and simple with the toothbrush, you may want to consider an all-out character toothbrush. The famous face can help your child, who may otherwise not be interested in maintaining their oral hygiene, get excited about brushing. Don't forget to leave a container of floss and yummy-flavored toothpaste as well!

With these fun ideas, your child will be sure to have a smile on their face the morning after the tooth fairy comes. Contact a family dental professional like Brant N Olson, DDS PA. for more information.