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Can You Still Bring An Aggressive Dog To Doggy Day Care?

by Caitlin Obara

Owning a dog is always a challenge, but when you are also dealing with aggression in your pet, it can sometimes be a nightmare. Aggression is a common condition in dogs, a combined result of genetics, environmental factors and the unique personality quirks of your pet. But while it may be easy to understand, this aggression can be anything but easy to deal with, particularly if you need to board your dog or send it to doggy daycare. Thankfully, you may not be out of options. Follow these four steps to help a qualified day care center accommodate your dog's special needs.  

Talking to Your Daycare Provider

The first step you should take whenever you are looking for a day care center for your dog is to simply drop in during regular business hours. This will allow you to get a better feel for the place, and a reputable day care should not mind visitors. Use this time to discuss the challenges you face with your dog; in all likelihood, the staff will have dealt with aggression before and should be trained to handle it. 

Testing the Waters

If the day care facility in question is comfortable with taking your dog, there will be a short transition period while your pet adjusts to the new surroundings. During this time, it is vital that your dog be given space and affection to avoid a fearful first impression, which could provoke aggression later on. In some cases, dogs are only aggressive around their owners as they try to protect them; you may find that your pet is completely well adjusted in your absence. Even if the aggression persists, you may still be able to turn doggy day care into a success.  

Speaking With Your Vet

Many dogs are not aggressive because they want to fight, but because they are anxious and defensive. Your veterinarian may be able to help with this problem by prescribing a basic anti-anxiety medication that will help your dog relax around others. Eventually, as your dog no longer associates other dogs with fear and fighting, this medication may no longer be necessary. 

Finding Reasonable Accommodations For Your Dog

With any luck, these steps will help your dog overcome its aggression and turn day care into a fun, exciting place. If not, however, you will need to find another solution, such as keeping your pet in relative isolation while at a boarding facility. Although not ideal, it can be necessary while you continue to try new training methods or medications. Again, communicating with your doggy day care directly is the best way to keep both your dog and others' safe, sound and out of the house during the day, so call your local facility whenever you have doubts or questions. 

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